Eve Room 2 Announced, Available September 12th

Eve Systems, has finally announced a release date for their Eve Room 2 Sensor, which was first announced back at CES 2018 in January. The new device, which can pre-ordered on evehome.com or on Amazon, will arrive on September 12th, and will be priced at $99. While the price has gone up when compared to the original Eve Room sensor, the new device sports an entirely new design, and an always on e-ink display, allowing for quick visibility to the various metrics that the sensor is keeping tabs on. The display measures in at 1.54 inches, and can cycled to display the most important elements to you via it’s capacitive touch screen.

Metrics that are measured by the sensor are temperature, humidity and air quality. The company describes their air quality sensors as measuring volatile organic components (VOCs) and through the usage of stars to indicate current quality, can give an owner a sense of when to act upon issues that may arise, such as opening a window, or turning on an air purifaction device. The device also includes a built-in rechargeable battery, which the company says will last “6 plus” weeks, and when the battery is low, the unit will turn off air quality monitoring to extend battery life. The unit can be charged via micro-usb and can even be set up to just usb power so that users will not have to worry about charging it.

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