HomeCenter Apple TV HomeKit App Updated to Include Thermostat Support

HomeCenter, the Apple TV exclusive HomeKit control app, was updated today with several new enhancements. First and foremost, thermostat support has been added, which is a certainly nice feature to have on the big screen. Speaking of temperature, Fahrenheit display support as also been added to the app, which is a big usability feature for those within the United States. Finally, the ability to add cameras as favorites within the app, makes it easier to view your feeds all from within one screen. Here are the full release notes:

Add cameras to favorites

Add thermostat support

Support for device groups

Support for Fahrenheit and Celsius

Information about battery discharge

Turn the lights on and off when you tap the room

Optimization and improvement

HomeCenter can be purchased via the AppStore on the Apple TV, and is currently priced at $12.99

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