Eve Systems Announces 3 New HomeKit Devices at IFA 2018

Today at the annual IFA Conference in Berlin, Eve Systems has announced multiple new HomeKit compatible devices. While the devices are not new categories for HomeKit, the company’s design flair adds a unique premium look to otherwise ordinary devices.

First up, the company has announced the Eve Power Strip. The strip includes 3 outlets (with both US and EU versions were announced), which can be individually controlled, and offers what the company calls “sophisticated” surge protection. The strip features the same modern Eve design recently seen in devices such as the Eve Room 2, which means that it is made of aluminum and black plastic. In addition to the ability to turn on and off individual outlets, the company also offers energy monitoring, via the Eve app, which can provide a cost projection for users. Connectivity wise, the Eve Power Strip will utitlize Wi-Fi instead of bluetooth, which the company has relied on in the past, and will still operate without a hub. Unfortunately, the company has not provided cost or availability at this time.

The Eve Light Strip, is the company’s first attempt at delivering a strip based lighting device. The light strip measures 2m (6 foot 6 inches) in length, and can output up to 1800 lumens of light. The strip can be extended to a length of 10m total, and features both white and color light. The light strip, like the power strip, will also utilize Wi-Fi connectivity, which will offer better range than bluetooth. The Eve Light Strip will retail for around 79.95 Euro, which equates to around $99 US. The company did not provide specifics on availability, other than saying it will “be available at a later date”.

Finally, the company unveiled the European version of the Eve Light Switch. This version of the switch features a clean white square design, and the company says that the light switch will be compatible with third party rocker switches and frames to further blend in to the home. The light switch, like the other devices announced does not have a specific availability date, but will retail for 99.95 Euro when it hits the market.

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