ismartgate Announces HomeKit Compatible Garage Door & Gate Controllers

Remsol, the parent company for the GoGogate garage door and gate opener controller line, recently unveiled their new product line, called ismartgate. The ismartgate series of devices both focus on controlling existing garage door openers, and motorized gates, but adds HomeKit support this time around. Most importantly though, these devices are available in places where options are limited for the product category, with the company planning to ship within Europe and Australia, in addition to the United States.

The ismartgate lineup spans across 8 different device kits, with 4 kits being devoted to garage door control, and the other 4 designed for gate control. The company has also decided to take a slighly different approach to its kits, with both “Lite” and “Pro” options available. While both of these options provide the basic functionality to control the associated devices, the “Pro” models have power user options such as the ability to control more than 1 door or gate, and the ability to assign customer open and close chimes. The hardware included in the kits consist of sensors for the intended application, as well as a Wi-Fi controller that adds the device to HomeKit. In the higher end kits, the company is also including cameras to monitor the associated garage door or gate, but it has yet to be determined on if the cameras actually support HomeKit.

The ismartgate line is scheduled to be released on April 15th, 2019 and pre-orders for their devices are currently live on the company’s website. The ismartgate kits range in price from $119 to $279, which is certainly higher than garage door opener controllers from those such as Insignia, but is in line with Chamberlain’s MyQ system (with the additional HomeKit hub). To celebrate their announcement, ismartgate has provided a coupon code, ISGLAUNCH, via their official twitter account which is valid until April 19th. We certainly are excited to see additional HomeKit options hit the market, and we hope that this is the start of a trend for product launches outside of North America.

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