Lutron’s Pico Remote for Fan Control Now Available

Today, Lutron, makers of the Caseta Wireless line of connected lighting and fan control products, announced that an updated version of their popular Pico Remote is now available. The new Pico Remote, which is tailored for ceiling fans, accompany’s the recent release of the in-wall Fan Speed Control switch, which we recently reviewed. The updated remote fills in the gap left when installing the Fan Speed Control switch, as previous Pico Remotes, which were designed for lighting are unable to control it. The remote can be paired with the company’s Pico Remote Mounting Bracket, to allow for more on-wall placement opportunities within the home, and also with the Pico Remote Stands, which puts the remote in a convenient spot as it rests on a table or other flat surface.

The new remote mirrors the Fan Speed Control switch, with on and off buttons flanking the top and bottom, speed controls located in the center along with a programmable favorite button. The switch also comes in a variety of traditional colors, white, black, light almond, and ivory, which will help it to fit in with the decor in most homes.

The Pico Remote for Fan Speed Control has a retail price of $29.99 and can be purchased today, directly from Lutron. The remote is currently listed for the same price on Amazon, but is only available as a pre-order at this time.

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