TPL Bridge for macOS Brings TP-Link Kasa Devices to HomeKit

Recently released on the Mac App Store, TPL Bridge by developer Guy Brooker, aims to provide an easy way for TP-Link Kasa device owners to add them to HomeKit. While other methods, such as running a HomeBridge server exist, the TPL Bridge App takes a focused approach, one that the developer claims involves no configuration required. Once installed, the App will scan for TP-Link devices already on your home network, and will display a HomeKit code that a user can scan to add the device to the Home App on iOS. The App claims to support various TP-Link Kasa light bulbs and potentially other devices such as outlets in the series.

Of course, there are some limitations that users will need to be aware of. Adding a device to HomeKit via the App will provide a prompt that the device is “Uncertified”, and that reliability is not guaranteed. This prompt has been seen in other instances, such as with the aforementioned HomeBridge method, and even with hardware devices, from companies such as Soma, which provides their own hub that is not officially HomeKit certified. Also, the App on the Mac must be running to control any of the devices that are added. Privacy wise, even though the App is available on the Mac App Store, their is always the potential for risks to be involved, although the developer states that “No person information is stored or transmitted”. Finally, it should be noted that we do not own any TP-Link devices so we are unable to test the Apps intended functionality.

TPL Bridge is available on the Mac App Store for $5.99. The developer also provides a similar App for Ambi Climate Devices, named Ambi Bridge which is also available on the App Store for the same price.

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