Friday Lock Firmware Update Available, Adds Wi-Fi On Demand Feature

Friday Labs, maker of the HomeKit connected smart lock which shares the company’s name, has announced today the release of their version 100 firmware with the tagline of “The World’s Smallest Smart Lock Grows Up“. The firmware update, which is available via the Friday Home Lock App on the App Store, brings with it several new features, as well as improving the sturdiness of the lock (we are guessing that this means reliability). One feature, “Reocurring and Restricted Invites” have been introduced, which allow for specific times when a user can unlock a lock, and one time entry privaleges for an invited user.

The more interesting of the new features is what the company calls “Wi-Fi On Demand”. The first part of this feature is that the Friday Lock is now able to communicate directly to a Wi-Fi network without the use of a hub. With this functionality now enabled, the company has created a unique way for guests to enter your home, even when a homeowner is out and about. By using the Friday Home Lock App, a user can initiate a 60-second window that will allow guests to unlock the lock by knocking on a door twice. After a guests enters the home, the lock will automatically lock when the door is closed. We can see this feature being not just a handy way to let someone in, but to also ensure that the invited guests are the only ones entering.

The Friday Lock is available from various retailers, such as Amazon, and comes in a variety of finishes. The company has provided more details on their version 100 firmware on their blog, including a step by step guide on how to update.

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