Ikea’s TRÅDFRI Wireless Control Outlet & HomeKit, What’s the Latest?

Ikea’s TRÅDFRI connected smart lighting line is one of the more affordable solutions for those not just in the HomeKit world, but for smart home enthusiasts in general. The company followed up their smart light bulbs with their take on the standard smart plug late last year, which propelled it to the top of the lists for many people as it retails for just $9.99. Ever since the device was released, it was naturally assumed that it would support HomeKit, but unfortunately that was not the case. Ikea, through various means, has communicated that they intend to support Apple’s smart home platform, but several months later, we are still waiting in limbo. So what is the latest from the company?

Today, a representative from the company posted on the TRÅDFRI subreddit the following update to the burning questions about HomeKit support:

“The reason behind the delay of the HomeKit support for the control outlet is the new Gateway firmware that we are working on. We are doing major updates on the Gateway to increase performance and stability and when we do certain updates on the firmware the HomeKit certification needs to be renewed.

The release is still a couple of weeks away and we will release OTA to selected markets first, followed by a global release a few days later. This is normal release procedure when dealing with global rollouts. I don’t have any information about which markets will be part of which release but everyone can expect a firmware update very soon!

We are excited to bring you the new Gateway firmware but also very sorry for the delay!

Thank you for your patience and understanding”

The TRÅDFRI subreddit has taken this as the company’s official response, and any other communication from outside is pretty much ignored. This essentially means that this representative may be someone who could actually be in the know, and the post is marked as coming from one of Ikea’s developers. The previous “official” post by this representative was on February 11th, which was similiar but only mentioned a potential Q1 release. While this is certainly not a firm date, it is at least an acknowledgement from the company that they hear the collective voices from within the HomeKit community and a couple of weeks away is encouraging to say the least. Here’s to hoping our next update is the actual release.

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