Abode Security Devices & HomeKit, What’s the Latest?

Abode, and their line of smart home security devices has been promising to support Apple’s HomeKit platform for quite a while. First announced way back at CES 2018, and then again in January of this year, the company has made some waves with HomeKit fans as there are so few options for HomeKit security. The company offers affordable security starter sets, and includes monitoring options, both free for DIY’ers and paid professional services. However, HomeKit support for the company’s products has not yet materialized, but we are starting to see some signs that it may actually be coming soon.

Abode, despite making promises that they have yet to fulfill, has a pretty active presence on Reddit, with the company having their own subreddit, and an employee(s) who monitor and post updates and help with support questions. This month, on Tuesday March 26th, an employee has invited redditors to participate in their beta program that is initially designed to test support for the company’s 1st generation devices. This is great to see that the company is willing to not only involve the community but that it is also standing by some of their “older” products. Of course, the company also mentioned HomeKit support, with the following tidbit in their invite post:

“…We look forward to working closely with our beta program participants as we bring more features to market such as Homekit, which is coming soon (Yes, we are getting close on this release!).

Help make the next release of abode the best yet, sign up here -> : https://goabode.com/abode-beta

When asked by a redditor about HomeKit in response to their beta invite post, the Abode employee also provided another small tidbit:

Coming to beta soon! Its in a working state internally, just need to work out the best way forward for beta testing.

This is definitely great news to see, and it gives us hope that we may finally have another HomeKit enabled home security system in the near future. Of course, we have been down this road before with similar announcements being made from a variety of companies, so you may want to wait until support is at least added to the beta releases before jumping in with their products.

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