Vizio Updates SmartCast iOS App to Add Support for Upcoming AirPlay 2 & HomeKit Beta Release

Vizio, makers of the line of SmartCast TV’s that were announced at CES 2019 to be adding support for Apple’s HomeKit and AirPlay 2, quietly released an update to it’s iOS App that has brought support for these upcoming additions. While actual HomeKit & AirPlay 2 functionality is not available as of yet, the company is inching closer with this App update which will allow users that have been accepting into the company’s beta firmware update program that it has been featuring for the past couple of months. Here’s the full update release notes from the SmartCast Mobile App:

“Added setup flow to bring AirPlay 2 beta support to VIZIO SmartCast Displays and TVs. Flow to be accessible from the side menu at a later date.”

The company has also provided a list of TV’s that will be supporting HomeKit & AirPlay 2 on their Apple Partnership page. Models start at $149, and vary in prices all the way up to $1649. We look forward to seeing just how well these TV’s are integrated with the Home App once the beta is released, as they look to be the first manufacturer to be added this highly anticipated support.

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