iHaper Reveals HomeKit Enabled Modular Desk Lamp & Smart Padlock

iHaper, while not the most familiar name in HomeKit land, with their only products on the market being a fairly common light bulb, socket and light strip, has recently revealed 2 upcoming devices that have caught our eye. Spotted on the company’s website are a modular style desk lamp and a fingerprint based padlock. Now, while there is not a lot of information as of yet, and these devices may never end up materializing, it is certainly exciting to see some of the company’s takes on existing technology.

The iHaper Desk Lamp features a “non-traditional” design, with 2 ends extending from the top of the unit, as well as feet that mimick the same styling. What makes the desk lamp truly unique though, is that it actually houses a removable flash light which can be accessed in case of a power outage. One end of the lamp has a red cap, which houses the toggle button for the flash light, and the flash light is simply pulled out of the lamp. The company has provided a video of this in action, as it can be a little hard to distinguish which side houses the flashlight just by looking at the device. Also included in the lamp is a built in motion sensor, that can activate the light when motion is detected, up to a distance of 3 meters, and has a 100 degree angle. The lamp also has a touch sensitive brightness adjustment panel, and the entire lamp it self can be adjusted to allow for it to be positioned in different angles. Rounding out the feature set for the lamp is of course, HomeKit support, which looks to allow both on and off toggling and dimming controls.

The other device that the company has revealed is a smart padlock. While details are scarce on the lock, it is a nice change of pace to see a HomeKit enabled lock on the horizon. The lock is said to feature bluetooth connectivity for remote access, which will require a HomeKit hub, such as an iPad, Apple TV, or HomePod to control and monitor outside of the home. The only other piece of information that we have on the lock is that it has some form of fingerprint recognition for access, which could either make or break the device as we have all seen just how bad some of these sensors can be.

Exact release date and price for these devices has yet to be revealed by iHaper, but when they are released, you should be able to locate them on Amazon as the company only provides links to the online behemoth from their website.

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