Apple Officially Drops Price of HomePod, Now Just $299

Today, Apple has quietly dropped the price of its Siri based home speaker, the HomePod worldwide. The speaker, which debuted last year at $349 (US), has seen numerous discounts over the past few months, and Apple has finally cut the retail price down to $299 bringing it closer to the sales that various retailers have been running. For comparison, Best Buy is currently listing the device for $279, and sales for “open box” models start at $249 at Macsales. Price drops in other markets such as Canada, has brought the price down to $399, and Β£279 in the UK.

Official price drops are somewhat rare when it comes to Apple, but in the case of the HomePod, it almost seems like this was inevitable. Marketed as a speaker first, and with a higher price point then competitors such as Sonos, the HomePod is obviously a niche, nice to have device, but not a must have for many. However, for those of us that are invested in HomeKit, the device is much more than just a speaker. Having the HomePod in the home opens up so many possibilities, allowing families to interact with smart home devices with ease. Siri Shortcuts, which arrived with iOS 12 has also added new functionality to the HomePod, making routines or other tasks that much easier by just shouting out your custom command when in your home.

Obviously, the price of HomePod is still high compared to others, even at $299, which may mean that low sales have forced Apple’s hand. This of course, may mean that the future of the device is in trouble, but it could also mean that Apple is seeing that there is a demand for a cheaper Siri option, perhaps putting a lower price option (HomePod Mini?) on the table.

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