Ecobee Camera Leaked, Potentially HomeKit Enabled

Today, Dave Zatz, of Zatz Not Funny! fame, has leaked images of a new home camera from Ecobee. While details are pretty much non-existant at this point, as the company has not officially confirmed their plans, we can see that the camera will be featuring a clean modern design. The camera, which is Ecobee’s first foray into the world of connected cameras, has 4 LED indicator lights at the top, which are shown in both yellow and blue, possibly indicating that it will be Alexa enabled as it closely resembles how the company’s thermostat and switches react to a voice command.

Since Ecobee has long been a supporter of HomeKit, it seems only natural that this upcoming camera will arrive with the functionality built in. However, this is certainly not a foregone conclusion, so we will just have to wait and see. Other potential features could include a built in room temperature sensor and motion/presence sensing to match the company’s existing products, which would be a huge benefit for those that already have the company’s popular thermostat. With the cat somewhat out of the bag, we expect to be hearing some details directly from the company soon.

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