HomeKit 101: How to Create a Temperature Based Automation

Welcome to HomeKit 101, our guide to navigating the Home App, Creating Automations and More within the HomeKit Universe.

Temperature based automations, such as the ability to trigger a fan to turn on when a room’s temperature rises above 75 degrees, is one of the most used arguments in favor of starting a smart home. Unfortunately, for some odd reason, the native iOS Home App does not yet support the ability to create this useful automation. Thankfully, there are ways to still accomplish this almost essential task, and it only requires downloading a 3rd Party HomeKit App and in most cases, they can be found for free. For the purpose of this guide, we will be using the Eve for HomeKit App, from the makers of the Eve line of HomeKit products. This App is a must have for those looking to expand outside of the comforts of Apple’s built in solution. Of course, in addition to the App, we will also need the appropriate devices. For the purpose of this guide, we will be using a Lutron Caseta Fan Speed Control Switch and an Onvis SMS1 Temperature Sensor. Let’s get started.

What You Will Need:

– A HomeKit Enabled Temperature Sensor

– A Smart Plug or Fan Control Switch

– A Scene Set Up for The Desired Plug/Fan to Turn On (This Can Be Created During the Step by Step Process)

– 3rd Party iOS HomeKit App, Such as Eve for HomeKit


-Open the Eve App

– Tap on “Scenes” at the Bottom

– Scroll Down and Tap “Add Rule”

– Tap “Next”

– Tap “Add Trigger”

– Tap on “Temperature”

– Tap on the Temperature Toggle Next to the Desired Room

– Set the Condition (less than/greater than)

– Set your desired Temperature Set Point

– Tap “Add”

– Tap “Next”

– Tap “Next” on the Conditions Screen (This is an Optional Step)

– Tap on a Scene that Has the Desired Fan/Smart Plug, Or Add a New Scene By Using the “Add Scene” Option at the Bottom

– Tap “Next”

– Name Your New Rule

– Tap “Done”

That’s it! You now have set up an automation to trigger the device of your choice when the temperature in your room/house reaches a certain temperature. This newfound ability is perfect for those “in-between” seasons where it is not yet too hot to have the AC on, but some much needed air flow could go a long way towards keeping you comfortable. Even though you had to use a 3rd Party HomeKit App to create this automation, it will now be displayed in the “Automation” tab in the native iOS Home App. Further adjustments can be made to your automation, such as adding specific times that the automation will be active during. You can also set up an automation using the same steps to have an action occur after your temperature reaches your desired set point, just make sure you choose the opposite action.

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