Eve Energy Strip Now Available

Originally revealed at CES2019, Eve Systems has announced that the Eve Energy Strip is now available for purchase. The HomeKit enabled power strip is Eve’s take on the traditional household staple, and it features the company’s more recent modern design language, with a sleek silver aluminum frame. The Eve Energy Strip is also one of the company’s rare devices that uses Wi-Fi for connectivity, as the company has relied on Bluetooth for previous devices.

Eve Energy Strip offers customer the ability to control all 3 of the available power outlets via HomeKit, and also includes manual toggles for each of the outlets on the face of the unit. The company touts that the outlets are “generously” spaced to allow for greater compatibility with the variety of power adapters that users may have in their homes, and the power cord for the device sits at 6.3 foot. The device can be mounted on wall, is rated for indoor usage only, and comes in both North American and European outlet styles.

For safety, the company states that the Eve Energy Strip is designed for not just surge protection, but also for over-current and over-voltage protection, and an LED indicator is also provided on the unit for visual confirmation that protection is on. The company also has included a “child lock”, which is controlled via software, which will prevent accidental cases where devices are turned on an off using the physical controls. Finally, the company has included a fuse that will pop out of the strip if an electrical surge is detected.

Rounding out the feature set is energy monitoring capability, which is provided via the Eve for HomeKit iOS App. The Eve Energy Strip is available now at retailers such as Amazon, and directly from Eve’s online store. The Eve Energy Strip retails for $99.95, and while it is indeed more expensive than its competition, the features that are provided may just be worth the extra cost of admission.

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