TRÅDFRI Gateway Firmware Update Adds HomeKit Support for Ikea’s Wireless Control Outlet

Today, Ikea has released their long awaited firmware update for the company’s TRÅDFRI Gateway bringing HomeKit support to their Wireless Control Smart Outlet. Reports starting trickling in earlier today from users in the TRÅDFRI reddit community, and a spokesperson from the TRÅDFRI team has confirmed that the rollout has officially begun. It appears that only the update to the gateway is needed for this new functionality, as reports are stating that the outlet itself is still showing “pending” for a new software version. Users across various parts of the United States are seeing the update as available, but users in other countries may have to wait, as it is stated that this will be a staged roll-out, with no exact timeline for various regions provided.

While the TRÅDFRI Wireless Control Outlet is essentially just another smart plug, this release is big news thanks to Ikea’s pricing for the unit, which starts at $9.99. Of course, the aforementioned TRÅDFRI gateway (hub) is also needed for smart home control, but it too is reasonably priced, as it retails for $29.99. The smart outlet can also be purchased in a bundle which includes a small wireless remote, which is convenient for those times when you just want to use a physical button to toggle the power state. The bundle is priced at $14.99 and can be purchased at Ikea stores worldwide as well as through their online store. For HomeKit fans, it is definitely great to see a company fulfill its promises, even after the long wait.

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