Arlo Ultra/Pro 2 Cameras & HomeKit, What’s the Latest?

Arlo, makers of the popular line of truly wireless smart home cameras, announced at this years CES that they would be bringing HomeKit support to their Ultra 4K and Pro 2 Cameras. While not specifically mentioned in their press release touting their upcoming support, the Q1 timeframe made the rounds leading some to think that HomeKit would be added soon after. Unfortunately, Q1 has come and gone without the update appearing, setting up the potential for yet another long drawn out case where promises were made but nothing ever comes to frutition. However, a potentially promising sign was found last week, as a recent Arlo App change has prompted speculation that support may be coming soon.

When the Arlo App was updated last week, the company did not mention anything in relation to HomeKit in the release notes. However, some users have reported seeing a new prompt after opening the App, asking for permission to allow access to their Home data. Naturally, some users did allow access, but no new features have been found, and HomeKit support for existing cameras was not enabled. While this could certainly lead credance to the thought that HomeKit support would be coming out soon, a representative from Arlo’s support team responded to an inquiry via twitter with the following:

“…We apologize for this inconvenience. This message is an error. Please click β€œdon’t allow”. We are currently working to resolve this issue immediately. Arlo Pro is not yet available on Apple HomeKit. We are actively working to launch this capability and will let you know when it’s available.”

Users of Arlo’s HomeKit Baby Camera were also quick to point out that the App needs this permission for their cameras to work so this is nothing new. But, for users without the Baby Camera, they were not prompted previously, so while something new was added, it looks like it may have just been a “error”. Another twitter response from the company, which came on March 29th, essentially comfirms that there is not a specific timeframe for the update as well, with only “later this year” mentioned. It looks like it is back to playing the waiting game for Arlo owners...

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