HomeKit Support Coming to Honeywell T9 & T10 Thermostats This Week?

Introduced at this years annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the Honeywell T9 & T10 were the first thermostats from Resideo that can connect to a remote room temperature sensor, similar to Ecobee’s line up of thermostats. The thermostats were subsequently released around a month later, and shipped with support for Alexa and Google Assistant capabilities, with HomeKit scheduled to come at a later date. This of course, is a line that HomeKit enthusiasts here all the time, especially from device manufacturers at CES, who use the show as a way to call attention to their products, and what better way to do so then to associate themselves with Apple, even if HomeKit support is just a blip on a roadmap at the time of their announcements.

When it comes to Resideo, the company does have a history of HomeKit support, with various Honeywell branded thermostats and the only HomeKit security controller, the Lyric Controller being already available on the market. So, if any company is going to come through with their promises of HomeKit functionality, it would be Resideo. With that in mind, it just so happens that a VP at Resideo, Scott Harkins, responded to a question posed on twitter about HomeKit this weekend, with the following tidbit:

HomeKit is deployed in our Lyric security system, the upcoming Pro Series security systems, the Lyric Round, T5, T6 thermostats. And will be released in the week T9 and T10 thermostat.

Due to the way that the response was phrased, the last line of the tweet could be seen in a few different ways. However, we hope that it means that support will be coming truly “in the week” meaning this week. While there are already a few options for HomeKit enabled thermostats on the market, there is only one that can interact and adapt to changes in other rooms through the use of a remote sensor, Ecobee. Having another thermostat enter this arena is great news for consumers as competition brings not just potentially lower prices, but possible new features that can help to differentiate products.

The Honeywell T9 thermostat has a starting price of $169, and can be purchased in a bundle that includes a remote room sensor for $199 at various retailers such as Amazon. The Honeywell T10 is a T9 variant that is designed for “Pro” installers, and can only be purchased through a distributor.

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