Onvis Smart Dehumidifier Revealed, Potentially HomeKit Enabled

Onvis, while still a relatively new name in the HomeKit world with just one product being currently available, looks to be expanding its product line with a second potential HomeKit device coming soon. We say potential in this case, as there are no specific indications that this device will be compatible with our smart home platform of choice, but the company’s only other device, the Onvis SMS1 Smart Motion Sensor which we recently reviewed does support HomeKit, so it would be safe to assume that their next device would follow suit. Recently spotted on the company’s website are two product pages devoted to a “Smart Dehumidifier”, setting it up to be the first HomeKit enabled device of the type to hit the market.

While details are scarce at this time, the company does have a few images that show off the overall design of the product. What can be seen is that the device is that it takes on a typical white “tower” form factor and has an LCD screen for displaying either the desired humidity or the current reading in a room. Located near the display are what looks to be buttons or indicator lights for various functions, one for power state, water level, and a sleep or silent operation mode. Along the side of the unit are the vents for airflow, which the company claims uses “Peltier Technology” which we assume means something related to Thermoelectric Cooling. Around the back is a removable water reservoir tray, which looks to be decent in size as it is around a quarter of the size of the entire device itself. Potential HomeKit functionality could come in the form of things such as fan speed, as well temperature and humidity sensor data being exposed to the Home App.

Further details have not yet been disclosed by Onvis, but it is certainly exciting to see a new device type potentially heading HomeKit’s way. Currently, there is no set release date or pricing, and we expect it to be one of those products that just happens to show up as available on Amazon, just like the SMS1 that the company released last year.

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