AirPlay 2 Update Now Available for BoseSmart Speakers

This week Bose, maker of one of the world’s most popular line of audio products, has released a software update bringing AirPlay 2 support to “BoseSmart” speakers. The company made this rather surprising announcement via their Twitter account, and did not send out a press release mentioning the added functionality, which is rather strange considering just how big of a deal that it is. Prior to this week’s release, AirPlay 2 had not been rumored for the company’s products, and the iconic speaker brand was noticeably absent on Apple’s list of AirPlay 2 speakers which features both available and upcoming offerings.

“The wait is over. Our latest software update welcomes Apple AirPlay 2 to the #BoseSmart family. Access your favorite music services and more right from your Apple device.”

The BoseSmart range of speakers were introduced late last year, and has featured Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant since launch, and supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The entry level speaker, The Bose Home Speaker 500, starts at $399, and touts what the company claims is the “widest sound of any smart speaker”. This speaker, takes on a traditional single smart speaker design, but unique to this offering is a built in display to easily see song information and comes in both black and white options. The next step up in the line up is a soundbar, called the Bose Soundbar 500 which has a retail price of $549. The soundbar is notable in that it features HDMI-ARC as well as optical audio for broader connectivity with TV’s. Finally, the company also has another soundbar option available, the Bose Soundbar 700, which is as you would expect, a more powerful option coming in at $799, and the company proudly proclaims that it was “designed to be the world’s best soundbar”.

While the company has not provided exact specifics regarding the update process, we assume that it is a simple firmware update that takes place in the Bose Music App. Once the firmware is updated, we expect that it will become available to add as a device within Apple’s native iOS Home App, although this is yet to be confirmed. We are certainly excited to see more AirPlay 2 options hit the market, and we look forward to seeing what enhancements that Apple will bring for these speakers in the future now that they are being added through the Home App.

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