iHaper DL1 HomeKit Enabled Smart Desk Lamp Now Available

First spotted on iHaper’s website around two weeks ago, iHaper’s DL1 HomeKit enabled Smart Desk Lamp is now available for purchase. As with seemingly all obscure HomeKit products, the DL1 Lamp is only available for purchase through Amazon, and is listed at $89.97, but there is currently a coupon available on the product listing that will take an additional 10% off. Since the device itself is rather new, there are currently no customer reviews, and no details have been shared by the company except for those listed on the product page, so there are still a lot of questions to be answered. HomeKit support is listed, however, there are no direct references to operability outside of brightness control that is mentioned via Siri.

While details on HomeKit are scarce, Amazon’s listing does shed some light on the device. The first being that the lamp’s unique design allows it to be positioned in various fashions, making it somewhat flexible. Adding to the flexible design is that the lamp has a built in battery, which is rated for 4 hours of use, and charges via USB-C. The battery comes into play not just for transporting the entire lamp itself around, but for a small flashlight that can be detached from one of the “branches” of the device to use when the power is out. For light output, the LED lamp in the unit is not the brightest, with a max rating of 160 lumens listed, but this should be ok if used as a desk lamp as intended. The lamp also features motion sensing, but there is no mention as to whether or not the sensor is exposed to HomeKit. Rounding out the feature set is the ability to adjust the lamp’s brightness via a touch sensor on the body of the device.

We expect to hear more about the lamp soon, now that the device is available in the wild. We will certainly share more details as we get them, but for now, for those looking for a truly unique desk lamp, iHaper’s DL1 may be worth checking out.

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