ismartgate HomeKit Enabled Devices Now Available On Amazon

Announced earlier this year, Remsol, the parent company behind ismartgate (formerly GoGogate) has released their HomeKit enabled lineup of motorized openers. The ismartgate line of products include a garage door control kit, which is nice to see as the product category in the HomeKit world is rather small, as well as a smart gate controller, which is the first known example of such a device in the United States. Originally launched earlier this month on the ismartgate website, the company has brought its products over to Amazon, and can now be ordered with the online retailer’s beloved Prime Shipping option.

For garage door control the company offers both a “Lite” and “Pro” range of starter kits, and range from $139 to $179. Regardless of which option is chosen, the kits consist of a motor control that will need to be wired to your garage door opener, a wireless tilt sensor, batteries and the associated cables and mounting tape to tie it all together. The company also offers additional tilt sensors that can be purchased separately for $39, which is reasonable, but it does put it awfully close to the price of the Insignia Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller which includes everything at a retail price of $69, and can be found on sale frequently for just $49.

For gate control, the ismartgate line also includes both “Lite” and “Pro” options, and prices range from $139-$199. The gate kits are very similar to the garage door controller kits, but instead of a tilt sensor, a magnetic sensor is included, which resemble a traditional contact sensor. Additional magnetic sensors also start at the same $39 price as the tilt sensor. One important thing to note that as the motor control needs to be physically connected to your existing gate opener, it could be exposed to the outdoor elements. The company notes that the control is NOT weatherproof, so if it does not fit into your existing gate opener panel, a separate waterproof box to install it into is required.

With both options now being available on Amazon, we look forward to seeing the first HomeKit installs of these new devices. Have one already set up? Follow us on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero and share your thoughts.

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