AirPlay 2 Support Added to Pioneer & Onkyo Receivers

Announced via a press release late last week and spotted by Sound & Vision, Pioneer & Onkyo has joined Bose in introducing AirPlay 2 support for some of the company’s audio and network receivers. Just as with the case with Bose, the Pioneer/Onkyo brand curiously is not on Apple’s list of compatible AirPlay 2 devices, but unlike Bose, Onkyo did announce that support was coming back in January.  

The firmware update, which can be downloaded and directly installed on a receiver or via a link that will allow installation through a USB drive, support a “broad range of top end models” and includes devices that were released back in 2016. This is a great thing to see, as we have seen instances where a company will only make these types of updates available on the latest models. Here is the list of compatible devices directly from the manufacturer:


AV Receivers

SC-LX901, SC-LX801, SC-LX701, VSX-LX503, VSX-LX303, VSX-LX103, VSX-933, VSX-S520

Network Stereo Receivers



AV Receivers

PR-RZ5100, TX-RZ3100, TX-RZ1100, TX-RZ920, TX-RZ830, TX-RZ730, TX-RZ630, TX-NR787, TX-NR686, TX-NR585, TX-L50

Network Stereo Receivers


As stated through the press release, some models are “top end” and come with high end prices to match. For example, the Pioneer SC-LX901 has a retail price of $2,499 U.S. but can found somewhat cheaper on Amazon. Thankfully, the VSX models are cheaper, with prices starting around $300. Have one of these receivers and want to share you experiences with the newly added AirPlay 2 functionality? Follow us on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero, and let us know your thoughts.

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