Upcoming Smart-Tilt Shutters from Elizabeth Henley Feature HomeKit Support & More

British company Elizabeth Henley has recently revealed their upcoming line of Smart-Tilt Shutters which feature support for HomeKit making it the first known example of a complete window solution for Apple’s smart home platform. The shutters which are made from American Poplar wood, are made to order and also support typical shutter sizes such as full height, tier on tier, and cafΓ© style. All of the company’s shutters include “invisible hinges” giving them a clean appearance, and come in a variety of different color options. Powered by direct mains electric (wired), the manufacturer states that the shutters utilize Wi-Fi and provide a direct connection to a home network with no gateway or bridge required.

Outside of the ability to control the tilt angle and opening/closing of the shutters via an app, the Smart-Tilt Shutters also pack in a 5 megapixel camera which the company states that is able to detect and notify an owner of any motion events when no one is home. The camera, which is positioned at “eye level” utilizes built in motion sensing technology, although the company does not state whether or not these are exposed to HomeKit. For additional security, the shutters also have built in LED lighting near the top, which gives the appearance that the home is occupied from the outside and also functions as mood lighting inside.Β 

Pricing for the Smart-Tilt line starts at Β£495.00 per square meter, which a designed from the company states is “not really expensive in the U.K.” when asked about their products on r/HomeKit recently. Details, such as when the Smart-Tilt line will ship after ordering as not yet been provided, and availability in other markets has not been confirmed. 

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