HomeRun for HomeKit 1.2 Update Coming April 30th, Adds Daily Routines & Siri Watch Face Support

HomeRun for HomeKit, the popular Apple Watch App for controlling devices and scenes within a user’s home is receiving an update to version 1.2 next week. Scheduled to be released on April 30th, HomeRun, which we recently reviewed, adds several new features making it an even better alternative to the built in Home App provided by Apple. Here is the rundown of new features provided by the developer:

“Daily Routines – Set up daily routines on your Watch with complications that switch context, icon and color throughout your day. In the morning, your complication can start your day, make your coffee, then in the evening it could turn off your lights for bed.

Siri Watch Face Support – Set up a routine for the Siri Watch Face by selecting specific scenes to be suggested through your day.”

While we have always admired the design and the predictive nature of the Siri Watch Face, it has always lacked the ability to refine what is offered, meaning it has never quite matched what we were looking for in terms of HomeKit control. HomeRun’s routine implementation looks like it may help fill this gap, and we cannot wait to give it a shot and see if it can truly make the Siri Watch Face our daily driver. HomeRun is available for download on the iOS App Store for $2.99, which is a bargain for the utility that the App provides.

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