Siri Shortcuts: How to Control A Whole House Fan With An Ecobee Thermostat & The Yonomi App

With spring in the air around parts of the United States, many are in that portion of the year where it is not quite warm enough to run the air conditioner and not too cold enough to fire up the furnace. During these in-between periods, it is great to use the whole home house fan in your HVAC as a way to help circulate the air and potentially make things feel just a little cooler. 

Unfortunately, in HomeKit land the native iOS Home App does not support support just turning on or off a house fan through a smart thermostat’s controls. This makes it somewhat of an inconvenience to use as it could require using a clunky App provided by a manufacturer, or even worse, having to physically switch it on and off at the thermostat itself. Some Apps, such as Ecobee’s offering provides options such as running the house fan for a specific amount of minutes per hour, but again with the in-between seasons this may not always be the best solution.Β 

Fortunately, Siri Shortcuts and the Yonomi App can help save the day, by creating a way to summon the house fan on demand either via a Siri command to your iOS device or HomePod, via an iOS widget, or just by using the Yonomi App. We have previously covered creating shortcuts with the Yonomi App before, but prior knowledge of the App shouldn’t be needed for this tutorial. Before we get started, we will note that we can only confirm that this works with the Ecobee App, as the house fan is exposed to Yonomi, other brands of thermostats may not have this capability. Let’s dive in:

What You Will Need

– Ecobee Thermostat Already Set Up and Connected to Ecobee’s App

– The Yonomi App (free on the App store), with an account already created

– Siri Shortcuts App (free on the App store)


– Open the Yonomi App

– If this is your first time using the App, the App will scan for devices on your home network

– Select Ecobee once found

– Tap on “create a routine”

–  Type in your name for the routine, such as House Fan On

– Tap on “Add Action”

– Tap on “Ecobee Thermostat”

– Tap on “Set Fan to On”

– Tap on the “gear icon” and confirm that the fan is set to “On” and not Auto

– Tap on “Save” to create the routine. This will take you back to the “Routines” tab

–  Tap on your newly created routine

– Tap on the “gear” icon located on the bottom right-hand side of your screen

– Tap on “Add to Siri”

– Tap on the “Record” icon and speak your desired phrase for running the shortcut

Congratulations! You have just created a Siri Shortcut that will turn on your Ecobee connected whole house fan. Of course, you may want to create another Shortcut to turn the house fan off, which you can do by repeating the same steps above. Now that your Shortcut is created, you can also add it as a widget on the iOS widget screen for fast access using the Yonomi App. To do this, simply tap on the “Favorites” Tab within the App, and select your routine. You can then customize how it will be displayed in your widget screen by selecting an icon and a collor for the toggle button. Finally, enable the Yonomi Widget on the iOS widget screen (swipe left on your home screen) by selecting “edit”, and then by tapping on Yonomi. You can also just use your custom Siri phrase to toggle your house fan, either through your iOS device or through your HomePod.

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