Home Flash for HomeKit App Updated, Adds Apple Watch Support

Home Flash for HomeKit, the attention grabbing App that was released back in March has received an update bringing it up to v1.1 today. For those unfamiliar with the App, Home Flash was designed to quickly flash connected smart lighting devices with just a tap or through Siri via Shortcuts, which may be the “extra nudge” that may be needed to get someone’s attention according to the developer. The App supports all types of HomeKit lights from various manufacturers, including smart bulbs, light switches, and smart plugs. Today’s release has added Apple Watch support making it even easier to catch the attention of those within your home.

Here’s the full update description from the developer:

Apple Watch: So your hands are buried in soapy water while doing the dishes, and you just noticed that the kids didn’t clean up the living room like they were supposed to? Don’t waste your voice, and certainly don’t dig your phone out of your pocket — just flash their lights directly from your wrist, without wasting a moment! Home Flash now supports the Apple Watch, for even faster summoning powers!”

Home Flash for HomeKit is available on the App Store $0.99 and the 1.1 update is free for existing users.

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