Ikea TRÅDFRI App Update Enables Support For Upcoming Smart Blinds

Today, retail giant IKEA has released an update to their TRÅDFRI iOS App that has enabled support for its upcoming line of smart blinds. Spotted by u/fiveoone on the r/Tradfri subreddit, the update includes a “What’s New” prompt that mentions the added functionality, but of course the actual blinds themselves are not yet available as they were delayed until August of this year. The prompt also features a “Learn More” link, but unfortunately it is not yet active at this time.

It should be noted that the update release notes only mention “bug fixes”, HomeKit support for the company’s smart plug which happened recently and a small tweak to how a lighting control is labeled. While it is somewhat strange to feature the new prompt without any mention, it is an encouraging sign that hopefully means the blinds are on track for release in just a few months.

Obviously we are excited about IKEA’s offerings in this area as they are so few options available for HomeKit fans and we will definitely keep you updated with any additional information surrounding them as more details are released.

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