Terncy Gives Sneak Peek At Upcoming Smart Dial

Shanghai based HomeKit device manufacturer, Terncy, has recently given its followers on Twitter a sneak peek at a unique upcoming offering. The device, which the company is calling a “Smart Dial” is similar to a HomeKit enabled button, that provides users the ability to perform an assigned task or scene, in a small battery powered wireless form factor. However, Terncy’s Smart Dial looks to be adding smaller incremental adjustments that are made by turning or scrolling the dial portion of their device. This is just the second instance of a HomeKit enabled dial outside of the Nanoleaf Remote which is tailored more as a companion for the company’s light panels, and while details are scarce, it could enable some interesting possibilities.

The first thing that comes to mind with having a physical dial for control is for adjusting brightness levels for lights around the home, and Terncy specifically calls out this functionality via their teaser tweet. Also for lighting, the company mentions the ability to adjust hue and color temperature of connected bulbs, which is not the most useful of applications, but it is still a neat idea to say least. Another example that Terncy provides is for adjusting window curtains, which we assume will accomodate more than just curtain rollers, as the open/close degree is mentioned which may indicate that shades or blinds are also supported. Of course, the company also mentioned, “and more” and we can certainly come up with a few more examples where a dial would be useful, with the main one being volume control of HomeKit connected TV’s and speakers or even for temperature adjustments for a thermostat that may be situated in another room.

Terncy has not provided any additional details regarding the device, such as release date or pricing as of yet, and simply says that it is “coming soon”. The device also does not have a dedicated page on the company’s website, and no mentions of the product can be found other than a similar teaser tweet made during CES 2019 leading us to believe that it may end up being a device slated for later this year, or it may be one of those devices that suddenly becomes available for purchase out of the blue. We will certainly be keeping our eyes on the Smart Dial, and will be providing any updates that we come across.

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