Bloomberg: Upgraded Home App & More Coming at WWDC 2019

Bloomberg today has released their report on what is expected to be announced for iOS 13, macOS 10.15 and WatchOS 6 at Apple’s upcoming World Wide Developer Conference in San Jose. WWDC 2019 will be kicking off with Apple’s Keynote on June 3rd, and will span the entire week with developer sessions, which will more than likely include one specifically devoted to the HomeKit as it has in previous years. As HomeKit is still somewhat of a hobby to Apple, HomeKit rarely gets stage-time at the Keynote address, leaving it to the developer session to relay any updates to the platform. This may change for this year though, as there are several noteworthy features that are rumored to be coming.

According to Mark Gurman, Apple’s native Home App will be “upgraded”, which we assume will be related to functionality updates, and not actual visual or design changes. Specifically, the report mentions that the App will be updated to better support security cameras, including the ability to “view past recordings“. This support, which has been an obvious omission since the first HomeKit cameras were released is especially intriguing with regards to just how it will be executed. Several questions come to mind, such as where exactly the recordings will be stored (locally? iCloud storage?) and will this be a feature that all HomeKit cameras have to support? While this would be great for consumers, this may scare off some manufacturers that utilize a subscription model for storage.

For the HomePod, the report mentions that Apple will be unveiling multi-user support which is huge news if true. While competitors have featured the ability for their assistants to recognize and respond to different voices for a while now, this feature has been notable absent on Apple’s speaker. What will be interesting to see is just how “fleshed out” this support will truly be, as there are certainly hurdles to overcome with regards to things such as messaging and calendars, both of which only work with the Apple ID that “owns” the HomePod as of today. 

Of course, there is certainly potential for more HomeKit related goodies that will be unearthed during the aforementioned HomeKit developer session, which is typically held near the end of the WWDC week. For this year, we will be providing live updates and commentary via Twitter during the session, so follow us (@HomeKit_Hero) if you want to join in. We will also be providing a recap of all the news from the session shortly after it concludes as well as any additional updates during the rest of the week so stay tuned for more

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