Dyson Link App Updated to Support Siri Shortcuts for Air Treatment Devices

Dyson, the company best known for its lineup of “premium” vacuum cleaners, among other things, has released an update today to its iOS App adding support for Siri Shortcuts for select devices. Supported devices include “Air Treatment” products which feature the Dyson Link branding, which means that the company’s connected Air Purifiers, Humidifiers, Fans and Heaters should all work with the new functionality. While it is not full blown HomeKit support, adding Siri Shortcuts is a great first step towards expanding operability in Apple’s ecosystem, mainly because the manufacturer has been a notable holdout.

Specifics regarding just how capable Siri Shortcuts are for Dyson’s devices was not provided, and we currently do not have any to test due to the aforementioned lack of HomeKit support. However, we imagine that the basics would be supported, such as the ability to make adjustments to things such as fan speeds and temperature using just your voice after a Shortcut is established. For more passive devices, we could envision using Siri to report the status of air quality or humidity levels, but again, we cannot confirm this at this time. For owners of Apple’s HomePod, Siri Shortcuts support should also extend to the smart speaker, which brings it extremely close to HomeKit support as users can just summon Siri at any time without the need of an iOS device around. Shortcuts support also allows users to create actions that can trigger HomeKit Scenes, making it possible to tie Dyson’s actions to the mix.

Dyson’s Link Air Treatment devices range from personal devices, such as the Pure Cool Me, all the way up to larger units like the Pure Cool Tower, but can be pricey as the company takes a page out of Apple’s book with an emphasis on quality and design. Prices vary, but typically range from $300-$600 at full retail prices, but can often be found cheaper at outlets such as Amazon, or Dyson’s eBay store which sells refurbished units.

Have one of these Dyson units and would like to share your Siri Shortcuts experience? Follow us on Twitter, @HomeKit_Hero and let us know your thoughts.

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