Ecobee Contact Sensor Leaked, Possibly HomeKit Enabled? Update: New Room Sensor & Ecobee 4+ Name Revealed.

Updated 05/10/19: Dave Zatz has also unearthed an image (see bottom of post) of an updated Room Temperature Sensor and the potential name of Ecobee’s next thermostat, Ecobee 4+.

Dave Zatz from ZatzNotFunny is at it again, with yet another scoop on an unreleased product from a major smart device company. This time it is for a potential contact sensor from Ecobee, maker of the popular line of connected thermostats. Similar to the last leak from Ecobee, which was for a yet to be announced camera, details are pretty much non-existent at this point outside of an image provided, and HomeKit support may or may not be in the cards.

Ecobee’s contact sensor leaked in the image mostly follows the design language used for most contact sensors that are on the market. The two piece sensor kit looks to use a magnet, which we presume is the smaller of the two pieces, to allow the sensor itself to determine the status. On the bigger half of the set, what looks to be a circular button can be seen, which could enable users to potentially silence or pause a connected alarm with a press, similar to the Nest Detect. The circular portion could also be an embedded motion sensor, which again, is something that Nest’s device already has, but would be a first for a HomeKit contact sensor.

After learning of this new leak, Sean Hollister at The Verge reached out to Ecobee to inquire about the contact sensor, and was informed that the contact sensor was merely a render, and went on to say that “This was one idea that was interesting enough to render” with regards to how the company reviews ideas for potential products. Hollister speculates that Ecobee may be looking to make a move into the somewhat crowded market where manufacturers such as Nest provide multiple devices to create their own ecosystem. While this is certainly a good approach for those looking to grow their brand, it does present potential conflicts with existing platforms, such as Apple’s HomeKit, and could possibly lead to additional device types not being supported.

With the two recent leaks of devices from Ecobee, we certainly expect to be hearing from the company any day now with official details about these products. Still a lot of unknowns exist around these two items, such as release dates, pricing, protocols used for connectivity and of course whether or not they support HomeKit, so we will definitely keep you updated with any developments that come in.

Update: Room Temperature Sensor also leaked.

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