Keymitt Smart Lock With HomeKit Support Coming Soon

Luxembourg based Smart Lock manufacturer Keymitt has recently confirmed that their upcoming device will support Apple’s HomeKit. This is notable as the company has touted compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant, but Siri support was the only thing mentioned on their website when it comes to Apple. However, a representative from the company responded to a direct inquiry on Twitter recently with the following:

“Yes!Our Keymitt smart lock is compatibile with HomeKit”

For those that are unfamiliar with Keymitt, the company’s take on the smart lock is interesting for a few different reasons. Most notably, the company claims that their lock can be installed without the use of tools or replacing any existing hardware. A 3 step system is all it takes according to the manufacturer, and it looks like the device utilizes a mechanism that physically turns a key that is inserted into an existing lock to accomplish this. Keymitt also touts that their design allows for the batteries used to power the lock to last twice as long as others on the market.

The Keymitt lock looks to be compatible with a wide range of lock styles, with standard deadbolts, European door locks, and locks with door knobs all mentioned. The company also breaks down compatibility between regions, with USA, Japan, and Europe lock types listed as being supported. Rounding out the feature set is “Military grade encryption” as well as the standard remote access capabilities and notifications that are synonymous with Smart Locks.

Details such as the launch date and pricing has not yet been provided. Keymitt is planning on launching the device “soon” and will be offering discounted pre-orders to those that sign up for updates about the product on the company’s website. Keymitt has also announced that there will be several giveaway opportunities, so for those interested, it may be worth checking the company’s Twitter account for more details.

Thanks DW, for the tip!

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