Ring Video Doorbells & HomeKit, What’s the Latest?

Ring, the manufacturer responsible for bringing connected video doorbells into the spotlight, has had a long history when it comes to promises made regarding HomeKit support. Originally announced during WWDC 2016, Ring has unfortunately gone silent about the update and has only provided customers with a generic response when questioned on the various social media platforms, and on the company’s blog:

“Our top priority at Ring is to ensure that our Neighbors have the best possible experience with our products, and sometimes that can cause shifts in feature release dates. We are still eager to introduce HomeKit functionality, but do not have a launch date to share at this time. As always, we’re very appreciative of the support that our Neighbors continue to show us, and will post an update on our blog as soon as we have more information to share.”

After the announcement that the Ring Pro was coming to HomeKit, there were many users who rushed to purchase and install the device around their homes, but little did they know that they would be still waiting almost 3 years later. However, this wait may be coming to an end, with recent developments on both Apple’s and Ring’s side.

Reported last week, alongside a slew of details regarding Apple’s upcoming iOS 13, the Home App is rumored to be gaining better support for cameras. This upgrade looks to be coming in the form of the ability to “view past recordings”, which is a capability that is a must when it comes to security. Without this support, users have had to refer to manufacturer specific Apps, making the experience less than ideal, as HomeKit is lauded as being the one platform that brings every manufacturers devices into just one App.

On Ring’s side of things, the company’s Ring Pro and Spotlight Cam were both recently added to Apple’s list of licensed MFi Accessories. Spotted by Daniel Feodorov on Twitter over the weekend, these listings indicate that the company has completed “self-certification requirements”, which could mean that firmware updates are coming soon. However, it should be noted that the MFi list has featured other devices as it is a self certification tool, such as the August Video Doorbell, so expectations will need to be tempered until we actually see the actual firmware update released.

With WWDC 2019 being less than a month away, and when coupled with Arlo’s seemingly imminent release of HomeKit support for their line of cameras, we expect to see Apple make the announcement that these devices are coming to their smart home platform either during the Keynote address, State of the Union address, or the HomeKit developer session typically scheduled near the final day of WWDC. This also aligns with the rumors that we have been hearing that HomeKit will actually be seeing some love this year, with doorbells, cameras and sirens all being floated around.

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference kicks off on Monday June 3rd, and we will be reporting any HomeKit developments that are announced during the aforementioned Keynote address and State of the Union. We will also be covering any HomeKit developer sessions live via Twitter, so be sure to follow us to stay up to date, and we will of course be posting recaps for those that want to hear about the behind the scenes additions for HomeKit.

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