Ikea’s FYRTUR Smart Blinds Coming Later This Month?

The ongoing saga of Ikea’s smart blind release has taken another turn, thanks to some in-store updates that have been spotted. The blinds, which were originally schedule for an April release were announced as being delayed several times, with Ikea citing production issues and then firmware issues holding them back. The company eventually communicated that the blinds would be launched in August, but there are some new signs that they may arrive sooner.

Image via u/JonnyEricEdwards

This week, two members of the TRÅDFRI reddit community have spotted some official communications at their local Ikea stores in Sweden and the United Kingdom. First up, a visitor was able to snag a picture of the FYRTUR blinds in one of the in-store inventory systems which listed the blinds as “stock due back in 2019-05-28”. At another Ikea store, shelf space for the anticipated blinds with labeling has been spotted, albeit empty at this time. While the inventory checker is more than likely just an estimate, the dedicated shelf space is interesting as having a shelf sitting empty until August would be a waste of precious in-store space, when other products could easily fill the void.

Image via u/johnjohansson81

These findings coupled with a recent TRADFRI App update which added splash screens for the blinds have us hoping that they are ahead of schedule and possibly will be shipping before August. Ikea has to know that demand is high, due to its price advantages when compared to rivals, so maybe, just maybe, they will indeed be coming soon.

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