Avia Secure Smart Lock Launch Planned for Next Week During FIT Show 2019

Avia, a new smart home brand from Mighton Products is launching their first foray into the HomeKit market with the Avia Secure Smart Lock next week. The company will be making their announcement during the FIT Show 2019, a trade show for installers and fabricators within the door and window market in the United Kingdom which runs from May 21st-23rd.

The “Secure” portion of the Avia Secure Smart Lock is seemingly more than just a marketing name for its upcoming product, as the company has created their device with security in mind. According to Avia, the Secure Smart Lock has been certified by Apple to work with HomeKit out of the box, and it is touted as the “World’s First Multipoint Locking System” for HomeKit. The lock, which uses Bluetooth 5 for connectivity, uses “Military Grade” software protocols, and keeps a log of events for added peace of mind. The lock also features IP54 weather resistance, and can withstand the most common forms of tampering or attacks that face hardware locks such as “Hand snapping, Cylinder snapping, Cylinder de-plugging, and Cylinder drilling”.

Compatibility wise, Avia states that the lock can be added to new and existing doors, within a matter of minutes, with no wiring or “major adjustments” required. The company has provided compatibility check information on their website, which requires measuring door thickness and center measurements, and the company mentions that adding the lock does not require changing out an existing exterior handle. The lock itself is powered by 4 AA batteries, which are included, and comes with a smart fob for additional control options. The fob is listed as having a range of 100m, and up to 10 fobs can be added per lock. An external key pad is also in the works, which will allow access to the lock without the need for your phone.

Avia also plans to use the FIT Show to showcase additional products that will be coming in the future, which includes quite a few different devices. These devices include: Keypad, Door & Window Sensors, Temperature & Humidity Sensors, Motion Sensors, Video Doorbell, Cameras, Smart Sash Fastener, Window Handle Sensor, Lighting and a Smart Socket. The company also has mentioned a “Facial Recognition” product that will tie into the Secure Smart Lock, but looks to be designed for business use. We have reached out to the company to confirm if these upcoming devices will be support the HomeKit platform, and we will provide any updates accordingly. Update: Avia has confirmed to us that they are “focused on Apple HomeKit for all” of their products.

More information about the lock will be released during the launch event next week, with the actual product release coming in “Summer 2019”. For those interested in the Avia Secure Smart Lock, the company is providing 10% off for customers who sign up for more information on their website, but exact pricing has not yet been revealed. The company also has an active Twitter presence, with updates and information provided on what looks to be a daily basis. We will have more on the company as details emerge from the event next week, so stay tuned for more.

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