HomeKit Support Coming to Flic 2 Button Hub Later This Year

Shortcut Labs, makers of the Flic Smart Button solution that supports various connected home platforms has flirted with HomeKit support in the past, but nothing has come to fruition as of yet. This may be changing soon though, as the company has sent out teaser image to subscribers of its email newsletter that includes the “Works with HomeKit” badge on a picture of its Flic 2 Hub. The image unfortunately does not give an exact release date for HomeKit functionality, rather it uses the all too familiar “Coming Later This Year”, but we assume that it is close and may tie in with the company’s upcoming release of the Flic 2, the next iteration of their smart button.

For those unfamiliar with Flic, the tiny smart button acts as a quick way to trigger actions on a connected device. The buttons work via bluetooth out of the box, and can be paired with the company’s Flic Hub to allow for greater range via Wi-Fi. The current Flic buttons themselves are affordably priced at around $35, but the Hub is priced at $99, which is entirely optional, but is pricey to say the least. Since the original Flic hub looks pretty much identical to the new Hub, HomeKit may be able to be added, although this has yet to be either confirmed or denied by the company. The buttons themselves come in a variety of colors, and feature a battery life of up to 18 months. Outside of smart home actions, the buttons can also serve as a quick way to perform iOS functions, such as starting a timer, or pinging your phone to help locate it.

For the Flic 2 launch, which will be going live on Kickstarter on May 21st, the company is providing early bird discounts to backers, which include the aforementioned Hub. One discount includes 4 buttons and the Flic Hub for $99, which is a great deal for those interested when compared to the original pricing. We certainly have our eye on the Flic 2, and we hope that the company is able to come through on its HomeKit promises this time around, so we are tempering our excitement for now.

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