August Doorbell Camera Added To HomeKit? Update: Nope!

Update: This unfortunately turned out to be a case where the functionality was not added via an official source.

An unconfirmed report has emerged from the HomeKit reddit community today, where a user is stating that their August Doorbell Cam has suddenly appeared in the iOS Home App. The post, written by u/Muawiyaibnabusufyan states that their first generation August Doorbell Cam is now displayed just like any other camera inside of the Home App, which is certainly possible as August originally intended for it to be HomeKit enabled, and announced support way back in June 2016.

The August Doorbell Cam Pro (2nd Generation)

In the announcement, the company shared that the Doorbell Cam was built with HomeKit in mind, and it contains the MFi hardware chip that was required by Apple in the past. August has also been listed on the same Self Certification list as Ring was recently discovered on, but it should be noted that this certification is not conducted by Apple and the entry is for the August Doorbell Cam Pro.

August has “self certified” the Doorbell Cam Pro for HomeKit

As far as functionality goes, the reddit report mentions that the integration is not fully baked as of yet. Features such as the ability to view the live camera feed and two-way audio do not work, and the August logo appears on the actual preview icon in the Home App. No further details have been provided, and only one instance of this newfound integration has been reported. One final thing to note is that the author of the post is also running HomeBridge, a popular tool for exposing non-HomeKit certified devices to the Home App, which may be responsible for the sudden appearance, and has been the source of false alarms in the past.

Image via u/Muawiyabnabusufyan

The August Doorbell Cam, which can be found for as low as $59, would be a great addition to the HomeKit lineup, especially with doorbell support being rumored to be introduced at WWDC 2019. However, it is too early to tell if HomeKit support was actually added, with no statement provided by August, or any release notes on the August Home App mentioning the addition, even though the App was updated last week. We will be closely monitoring any developments and will report back if additional cases are discovered, but we would advise those interested to hold off on picking one up for now.

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