HomeKit Deal: Pick Up Apple’s HomePod For Just $269 – EXPIRED

Update: This deal has expired and is no longer available. Members at the “warehouse” store Sam’s Club can score a nice discount on one of the more essential pieces of HomeKit gear today. Apple’s HomePod, which recently received an official price drop bringing it down to $299, is on sale at Sam’s for just $269. The price, which is valid until June 3rd can be applied to both the space gray and white color variants.

The HomePod, which Apple designed as a music first device is a must have for those entrenched in the HomeKit ecosystem. The HomePod allows users to speak to Siri to execute smart home commands, such as turning on the lights, or changing the temperature on a thermostat. The HomePod also functions as a HomeKit hub, which allows it to act as the command center for any actions sent, and even enables remote access to your devices for added peace of mind when you are out and about.

With Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference just a few weeks away, now may be the time to pick up the smart speaker. Additional features are more than likely going to be announced, such as the rumored multi-user support which will enable personal requests, such as the ability to hear calendar events per person being potentially added. Coupled with some whispers that HomeKit may be receiving some attention at WWDC, may make this a great time to add additional units around the home.

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