Insignia’s HomeKit Light Switch & Smart Plug Discontinued

Insignia, house brand of big box electronics retailer, Best Buy, has quietly placed two of the company’s HomeKit enabled products into “discontinued” status. The Insignia Wi-Fi Smart In-Wall Light Switch and the Wi-Fi Smart Plug With Power Metering are no longer available to purchase directly from Best Buy, removing two of HomeKit’s more affordable options for their respective categories. This leaves the company’s Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller as the only remaining HomeKit product on the market.

Insignia and HomeKit have had a somewhat strange relationship over the past couple of years, with the company releasing updates that enabled HomeKit support to their products with little to no fanfare. The company followed this same approach with their release of their Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller which only supports HomeKit, and suddenly appeared on Best Buy’s website last fall with no hints that the product was in the pipeline at all.

While no follow up products have been mentioned, we hope that the company has not given up on their smart home ambitions, as their light switch was a solid bargain, which won praise from us during our review. HomeKit enabled devices are not the only products from the company that have been retired, with other devices such as an indoor camera and even a smart freezer getting the axe. Insignia’s departure from the HomeKit light switch market, has narrowed the available switches in North America down to just 9 other brands, which while sufficient, is still a blow to image of the connected home platform, when compared to the plethora of options available for other ecosystems.

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