Tado HomeKit Enabled Smart AC Control V3+ Available Now

Tado, a Munich based climate control company, has announced that a new version of their popular smart air conditioner controller is now available. Dubbed the Smart AC Control V3+, Tado’s latest device adds in HomeKit support, which was sorely missing from its previous products. Although at first glance the unit may resemble a smart thermostat, it takes a different approach for controlling the heating or cooling in the home.

Tado’s Smart AC Control is a small, compact, device that is designed to work with an existing air conditioning unit. The V3+ works by sending an infrared signal to a pre-existing “dumb” ac or heat pump unit, using the same protocol that many use for remote control. This allows an owner to send a command, either via the Home App, or via Siri to the V3+ unit, which then translates the commands and sends them to the ac via IR. Of course, this does mean that the V3+ will need to be positioned so that it can send its signals correctly.

Since the V3+ will most likely be located somewhere will it will be seen, Tado thankfully chose an aesthetically pleasing design. The V3+ utilizes a square form factor, and comes in white, which should allow it to blend in with most decor. The device also has an integrated display, which uses a pixelated style font for temperature readouts, which gives it a clean modern look. The unit can also function as a quick way to make adjustments without the need to use your phone or other device with its onboard buttons. Perhaps the only downside that we see about the physical device itself is that it does not have a built in battery, which means that an unsightly wire will be involved.

The Tado Smart AC Control V3+ is available now across Europe, but it is not yet available in North America. The V3+ has a retail price of Β£89.99, and can be purchased directly from Tado as well as at retailers such as Amazon. Speaking of Amazon, the V3+ also supports other voice assistants, such as Alexa and the Google Assistant, making it a flexible little device that we hope makes the leap across the pond soon.

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