ET2 Lighting Announces 3 HomeKit Compatible Friends of Hue Light Fixture Collections

California based lighting company ET2 has announced a new line up of light fixtures that have entered Signify’s Friends of Hue program at LIGHTFAIR 2019 held in Philadelphia this week. ET2, which operates under the Maxim Lighting company umbrella, describes itself as a manufacturer of “functional art”, and touts that it has produced over 6,000 products since it was established in 2004. ET2 has revealed 3 distinct collections that will operate under the Friends of Hue program, which will allow the devices to not only operate with the Hue App, but with other smart home ecosystems, such as Amazon’s Alexa, the Google Assistant, and of course, Apple’s HomeKit. Even more surprising, is that the entire lineup is available for purchase now, from select online and retail stores.

The IQ Collection from ET2, which are composed of Aluminum, Steel and Acrylic, are 3 separate fixtures that each share a ring shaped design. IQ Collection devices, feature a “Brushed Black” finish and a “custom formed” diffuser that spreads light around the light that is positioned in the center. From the press renders, it appears that the colors that are being emitted from the fixture actually surround the center light itself, giving it a strange but captivating look. The IQ Collection comes in 3 installation options, one flush mount design, and 2 pendant based mounted devices, which come in multi-sizes. The IQ Collection also packs in some serious brightness, with the line spanning 2000-2800 lumens depending on the model. Here’s the breakdown on the models and pricing:

The iCorona Collection, which sports a frame made of steel and aluminum, has 2 distinct fixtures. Both fixtures, come with a clean white circular design, and houses a Hue connected light in a tiered enclosure. This tiered design appears to give the light that is emitting from the enclosure two separate rings, which is a stunning look based on the company’s provided renders. The iCorona collection comes in a flush mount and pendant mount design, and both deliver 2,800 lumens of light. The company also states that the life of the light is around 50,000 hours, which will make it a piece that will last for years. Here’s the available iCorona models, which can be purchased at various retailers:

Rounding out ET2’s offerings is the iWood series of lights, which, as you may expect, features lights that utilize wood for their construction. While the company did not provide any images of this series, we were able to track down product listings on Amazon, and found that the iWood Collection spans 2 different models. Both models feature a traditional “tavern” style of pendant light, and sports a long wooden rectangular shade or diffuser that is attached to a steel mounting plate. The iWood collection comes in two sizes 40″ and 60″, and like the other devices announced by ET2, they carry a premium price.

ET2’s designs are quite unique, and if the company can pull off the light styles provided in their renders, it can certainly make a name for itself in the connected lighting space. All 7 lights are available now from various retailers across the country. We are certainly excited to see some new takes on connected lighting, and we cannot wait to see what ET2 has in store for future products.

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