Kickstarter Updates: Flic 2 Button & Keymitt Smart Lock Smash Through Goals

This week, a pair of manufacturers promising HomeKit support for their upcoming products launched on Kickstarter, the crowdsourced funding site that helps bring products to life. The Keymitt smart lock, which only just recently revealed that it would be supporting HomeKit, and the Flic 2 Button have both hit Kickstarter, and from the looks of things, these products are well on their way to becoming products that will actually hit the market soon.

Luxemborg based Smart Lock manufacturer Keymitt, recently revealed their upcoming take on the connected door lock, which includes a rather novel way on how it actually works. The lock, which the company states as having been in development for 2 years, utilizes a motorized mount that attaches over a physical key that is inserted into an existing lock. This makes the Keymitt easy to install, which no changing of the lock itself, and potentially makes it compatible with the various styles of locks currently on the market. The Keymitt Kickstarter campaign began on Wednesday, and had a modest goal of just $33,000. In less than 20 hours, that goal was met, and it currently has contributions totaling over $37,000. Kickstarter backers have access to discounted pricing, which include the ability to grab the Keymitt lock for just $99. Surprisingly, the company does not have an estimated product shipping date listed, but does show off molds that have already been produced.

Shortcut Labs, the company behind the Flic Smart Button, has promised HomeKit support in the past, but this time seems to be taking the claim seriously. The company has used HomeKit and the official logo on promotional emails for their upcoming Flic 2 Buttons, and is starting that their Flic Hub LR will be the device that enables the functionality. Flic 2 launched on Kickstarter on Tuesday with a goal of $50,000 to bring their product to life. This goal was quickly eclipsed, and as of today, the contributions total over $350,000. The Flic 2 Button includes many upgrades over its predecessor, including double the battery life and operating range, structural enhancements, and additional LED functionality. The Flic 2 is listed with a delivery date in September, but as with all Kickstarter projects, this can and will vary. Kickstarter backers can purchase the Flic 2 at a substantial discount, with sets that include 4 buttons and the aforementioned hub for just $99.

As a reminder, pledging to back a product on Kickstarter involves risks, and should only be done so if you are wanting to help the company’s cause, and if you understand that there are no guarantees that you will actually receive the product being showcased. There have been many instances of Kickstarter campaigns going awry, with backers getting the run around for years only to finally hear that they will not be receiving their rewards. Backers should also be prepared to see estimated delivery date delays as the products go through the development cycle, so it is best to go in with no set expectations regarding when delivery will occur. With that being said, there have been lots of Kickstarter success stories as well, and smaller companies, like Shortcut Labs, use the platform as a way to fund the manufacturing portion of the product itself, and already have most of the leg work already done to bring the product to the market.

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