Savant Announces HomeKit Compatible Circuit Breaker & More at LIGHTFAIR 2019

Savant, the home automation focused company that has been on the scene for quite a long time, has announced several new HomeKit enabled products at the LIGHTFAIR 2019 event in Philadelphia this week. The company, which identifies its products and services as “premium” and “personalized” has established a name for itself in the high-end side of home automation, which typically feature proprietary hardware and software that can suit the needs of their clients. With the rise of more consumer friendly home automation platforms becoming available, it only seems natural that Savant would want to broaden its audience by aligning itself with Apple’s ecosystem.

According to Convergent AV, for the company’s first HomeKit products, Savant is introducing some smart home staples, as well as one “first of its kind” device. The company has revealed a large focus on lighting, starting with its own LED smart light bulbs and LED light strips, each sporting Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. Savant has also introduced a line of “DMX” light fixtures, which include what looks to be high end finishes, as well as a low voltage (0-10v) devices, such as pendant or spot lighting. Through the usage of Savant’s lighting controllers, the company also states that any 3rd-party light connected to them will be able to be paired with HomeKit, opening the door for even more solutions.

The most interesting announcement from Savant comes in the form of a HomeKit enabled circuit breaker. Savant is calling the breaker and associated components revolutionary, as they are believed to be the world’s first consumer HomeKit enabled circuit breaker. With Savant’s circuit breaker, users will be able to monitor energy consumption for devices connected to the circuit in real time. This means that any device (up to 30 amps) can be monitored, such as appliances, or anything plugged into the outlets that the circuit is connected to, will be able to be captured, all without the use of individual energy monitoring plugs spread throughout the home. Of course, this does mean that an electrician will most likely need to be involved, as it does require replacing an existing breaker within your breaker panel.

Rounding out the announcements is that Savant will be partnering with USAI Lighting to “promote wellness” through the usage of connected lighting devices. While details are certainly scarce regarding the initiative, it appears that tunable light level bulbs and fixtures will work in-tandem with automations created by Savant to perform actions such as adjusting lighting around the home to remove any potential light based factors in the circadian rhythm cycles, which are tied to sleep patterns in humans. We are certainly intrigued by the idea and possibilities that connected home devices can bring to the table, but we definitely will need to see some more evidence to support some of these claims.

The LIGHTFAIR 2019 tradeshow, which ends today, May 23rd, also featured several smart home related announcements from various vendors. Notables included electrical company Eaton, with their announcements regarding Alexa integration into their HALO line, and Lutron, makers of the popular Caseta line of products announcing their own health related initiative. No pricing or release dates were provided by Savant, and we expect these to be late 2019 products at best due to the complexities regarding the actual circuit breaker and electrical standards. We will definitely be keeping our eye on Savant, and we hope to see this announcement lead to others potentially joining this new product category.

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