Satechi to make HomeKit debut soon? Dual Smart Outlet & Satechi Home App Uncovered

Electronics company Satechi, best known for providing “Apple like” designs to otherwise mundane products such as USB hubs and headphone stands may be preparing to make their HomeKit accessory debut soon. Discovered this weekend, a new App from the company, dubbed Satechi Home was found on the iOS App Store, and along with it comes a mention of our smart home platform of choice in the App description.

The Satechi Home App looks like it features a similar design that a lot of Asian manufacturers use for their HomeKit products, and the description of the App mentions two upcoming devices. While the App does not share a lot of details surrounding a “smart outlet” and a “lightbulb” we do see some of the basics covered. Not to be content with just the information provided by the App description, we dug a little deeper and found some additional information about the “smart outlet”, including the manufacturer behind the device, Shenzen ChampOn Technology, which explains the familiar looking App, as the company creates many HomeKit products for various brands.

We eventually were able to unearth the product manual for the “smart outlet” as well as additional information such as product renders, and the true name for the product, which is the “Dual Smart Outlet”. As you may have guessed, the device includes two outlets in a compact smart plug form, similar to the shape of the iHome iSP 6. The device features two toggle buttons to control each outlet separately, as well as individual LED’s to report the status of each outlet. The Dual Smart Outlet is rated up to 15 Amps, and 1,800 Watts maximum power, and is listed as being for “Indoor Use Only”.

While no announcements have been made by the company, we expect to see this device hit the market rather soon, as the Dual Smart Outlet has information on file with the FCC as of March of this year. Even though another smart plug becoming available is not the greatest of news, it is yet another company bringing products to the HomeKit platform, which is always a good thing. Satechi has actually been in the smart home market in the past, with their own line of light bulbs, but from the looks of it, their initial product line did not catch on. With this potential upcoming release, Satechi looks to be kicking off their HomeKit presence with a somewhat unique device with the two-in-one form factor, and we are excited to see what else is in store. We will certainly keep you updated with any new information from Satechi, and we hope to learn more, such as pricing and availability soon.

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