Vocolinc LS2 ”Smart Glow” Light Strip Revealed

Vocolinc, the HomeKit manufacturer that burst onto the scene within the past couple of years with their line of low cost devices looks to be revamping one of their first products soon. References to a Vocolinc LS2 have been found in a few places online, such as Amazon France, pointing to a potential release sooner rather than later. So what’s new in Vocolinc’s successor to their original lightstrip? Let’s dive in.

The Vocolinc LS2 features an almost identical physical appearance to the LS1, which is not necessarily bad thing considering the lack of design options that manufacturers can use with the product category. The LS2 spans 6.56 feet in length, again the same as the original, as well as having the ability to display 16 million colors. Lumen output for the LS2 is listed at 250 luminous flux per meter, and the wattage is listed as 12W max. When compared to the original LS1, these specs are definitely lower, with the LS1 featuring 1,100 lumens and 24 watts max, suggesting that the new light strip may be a “stripped” down version. We also noticed that the FCC listing for the LS2 does not mention weatherproofing, which was a standout feature of the LS1. We certainly hope that this is not the case, but only time will tell.

The only other detail that we have at this point is that Vocolinc states that the LS2 has the ability to “assign color temperature and intensity of any area”, but this could simply refer to the adjusting these levels for the entire light strip. Due to the available “leaks” for the product, as well as the company’s FCC filing landing just a few weeks ago (May 12th), we expect to see the LS2 hit the market within the next few weeks. Pricing has also not yet been shared, although we are expecting to see a lower price point due to the lower specifications, perhaps putting it in the sub $40 range, which would make it a compelling product. More details will be shared as they become available, and we hope to see the “Smart Glow” aspect and if it pans out per the description.

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