Vocolinc L3 Smart Multi-Color Light Bulb Revealed

It seems that Vocolinc has more than just one HomeKit product revamp coming soon, as a new L3 version of the company’s smart light bulb has been discovered. As with the LS2 lightstrip that was unearthed just a couple of days ago, Vocolinc’s L3 light bulb looks to be coming very soon, with Amazon France spilling all the details about it. The bulb, which is currently listed as shipping within 1-3 months, looks to be a return to the company’s multi-color bulb roots after the “tunable white” L2 bulb.

The L3 light bulb shares some of the same features of its predecessors, such as the ability to display 16 million colors of the L1, and it operating via Wi-Fi making it a “hubless” solution. Features that the company carrier over from the L2 model include the color temperature range, which is adjustable between 2,000 – 7,000 K. Perhaps the biggest change that the L3 adds is the brightness or lumens that it can output. Whereas the original L1 bulb could only output 470 lumens, and the L2 only reaching 650 lumens, the new L3 bulb is listed as hitting 850 lumens. This is accomplished via a ramp up of the power consumption that the bulb uses, which is now rated at 9.5 W, up from 6 W of the original L1 color bulb. Physically, the L3 bulb may be slightly taller than the 2 previous iterations, although this is based strictly off of the Amazon render, with no specifications provided.

Since the device has not been officially acknowledged by Vocolinc, details such as pricing and true availability are not currently available. However, based on the Amazon listing stating 1-3 months for shipping, we could easily seeing this product being released during this time frame, as most of all the technical details seem to be ironed out, but we will note that the bulb has not yet appeared in the FCC database for potential testing in the United States. Stay tuned for further developments on the L3 and the LS2 light strip as we will be providing any updates that we hear.

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