WWDC 2019 HomeKit Lab Scheduled, Sessions Teased

We are now officially less than a week away from Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference for 2019. The conference, kicking off with the keynote address on Monday June 3rd has had quite the buzz surrounding the potential announcements that Apple may have in store. Everything from the vaunted iOS 13 preview that will reportedly enable lots of new functionality for the iPad, to expectations of the grand “modular” Mac Pro making an appearance that was pre-announced by the company quite some time ago. When it comes to HomeKit however, we have only heard of a few potential enhancements, mainly from the Bloomberg report released a couple of weeks ago.

The report, which mentions a Home App revamp which includes support of Camera storage is pretty much all that we have gotten from the rumor mill, leading some to believe that this may be yet another year where the smart home platform gets set off to the side. So when Apple released this years schedule of sessions and labs for WWDC, HomeKit enthusiasts went on the hunt for any mentions of our favorite smart home automation platform. Since Apple likes to tease each session before they are announced with superlative laced themes or catchphrases, there is plenty of speculation regarding which sessions are for HomeKit, and of course, with lots of references to “homes” in the session names, there has been a lot of excitement with the potential for more than one session.

Of course, nothing has actually been announced at this point, and we would like to remind everyone that HomeKit general has only one session and one lab every year at WWDC. The typical HomeKit session lasts around and hour or less, and usually consists of behind the scenes changes for developers, although some hardware tidbits are can be announced. With that being said, the HomeKit lab has been scheduled, and it is slotted for Tuesday, June 4th, 3:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. This leads us to believe that the actual HomeKit Session will either occur on Tuesday the 4th, at 10:00 A.M. or Wednesday June 5th, at 3:00 P.M. These sessions are currently scheduled for 40 minutes, which is similar in length to last years session, perhaps just enough time to discuss the camera storage addition, as well as things such as doorbell and siren implementation that we have been whispers about.

Regardless, we will be covering the session live, so be sure to follow us on Twitter if you want to hear the most exciting announcements as they occur. We will also be providing analysis and a recap of the session after it concludes, so be sure to check back periodically thorough out the day so you can catch all the news. Finally, we will be ready during the Keynote address and for the State of the Union on Monday, and we will of course provide any news and reactions if HomeKit happens to make it to the “big” stages this year.

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