Ecobee’s Next Generation Thermostat Revealed

Ecobee, the company behind the hit smart thermostat that utilizes remote room sensors looks to be close to announcing their next generation thermostat. Dave Zatz, of zatznotfunny fame has once again spilled the beans on one of Ecobee’s upcoming products, although this time it is happening due to an assist by a major retail chain. Previously thought to be named the Ecobee 4+, the company may be taking an Apple approach to its new model, as a recent reveal by Lowes of Canada is suggesting that it will be called the “all-new ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control“. This naming scheme, joined by a tagline that states “One small change can make all the difference” may suggest that the new thermostat is more of an iteration, versus a leap worthy enough of an Ecobee 5 branding.

As previously reported, the new Ecobee thermostat features an all glass front, which is a much needed upgrade from the not so hot look of its predecessors. However, the thermostat retains much of the same familiar look, complete with soft rounded edges, and dark themed interface. Inside the new thermostat is a quad core processor, dual band Wi-Fi, and a far field microphone to enable Amazon’s Alexa, which is again built in to the thermostat.

The biggest new addition to the refreshed thermostat is an update to the company’s vaunted room temperature sensor. The new sensor features a cleaner, rounder look, and comes with a “magnetic” stand according to Zatz. The sensor also picks up a new name, “SmartSensor” perhaps in an effort to make it even more of an marketing advantage. Of course, having a magnetic stand may open the door to more placement options around the home, although the original room sensors were compact enough that they could be placed just about anywhere. A wall mount plate is also included with the new sensors, along with the company’s outstanding 3 year warranty.

Pricing for the new thermostat is listed at $329 Canadian at Lowes, and as you may have guessed, it cannot be ordered at this time. With this new leak, combined with the previous slips from the company, we expect to hear something official relatively soon. The company may also choose to couple the new thermostat announcement with their supposed upcoming Camera and Contact Sensor. We will certainly keep you updated, and we look forward to hearing more about the company’s roadmap hopefully soon.

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