Sunco Lighting’s HomeKit Enabled Light Bulbs Now Available – UPDATE: HomeKit not supported

UPDATE 10/08/19: It looks like Sunco’s offerings are NOT HomeKit enabled according to reports, despite the company stating otherwise in our inquiry, and despite their Amazon listings still showing HomeKit.

United States based lighting company, Sunco, has quietly entered the HomeKit arena recently with a range of smart multi-color light bulbs. The bulbs, which come in seven different sizes, are the first smart home products from the company, although the company has been in the lighting industry for “25 years“, and champions itself as a “leader” in the product space. According to product listings on the company’s website and Amazon, HomeKit support has essentially been buried down to the list of specifications, which is strange considering the amount of attention they give to Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant, and seemed like they may have been a case where support was only listed to garner interest. We reached out to the company to clarify if our platform of choice was supported, and we are happy to report that we received a statement confirming that they do indeed support Apple’s HomeKit.

At first glance, Sunco’s smart light bulbs seem to take on the familiar light bulb design, which is expected given the limited nature of the product itself. The bulbs themselves have a white base with a diffuser on top to allow light to shine through, and they come in the various sizes. Sizes include the standard A19 size, BR30, B11, G25, PAR 20, PAR 30, and PAR38, although only the A19 and BR30 sizes are available to purchase right now via Amazon. Every bulb size supports 16 million colors, and have an adjustable color temperature range of 2,700 – 5,000 K. Wattage and lumen output vary for each size, but include specs comparable to others on the market, as the company’s A19 bulb uses 8W and can output 450 lumens. For connectivity, the light bulbs utilize Wi-Fi, and do not require a hub, which can be either a good or bad thing depending on your home network. In addition, Sunco provides a 5 year limited warranty for its bulbs, and they are rated for around 25,000 hours.

Currently, Sunco’s A19 and BR30 bulbs are available to purchase either directly from the company’s store, or via Amazon. However, it should be noted that the company is only selling the bulbs as part of multi-packs, with the smallest set including 6 bulbs. The A19 pack, is currently listed for $49.99 which makes each bulb just a little over $8, and the BR30 pack is listed for $79.99. Amazon also features a 5% discount coupon code which can be clipped on the product pages to bring the cost down even further. These packs are quite the bargain, especially when compared to single bulbs from competitors ranging from $14 and and up, and this is usually only for white only bulbs, not color. We will definitely be keeping our eye on Sunco, as it looks like we may have a new cost efficient lighting leader, and one that has an extensive history in the lighting industry.

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2 thoughts on “Sunco Lighting’s HomeKit Enabled Light Bulbs Now Available – UPDATE: HomeKit not supported

  1. To this date they dont have any of the marketing mentioning homekit – are you sure? did you actually test them? how can they go through the effort of homekit integration and completely miss the mark on advertising it?


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